Spicy Fried Rice with Prawns

Online Recipe Book by Jade Mottley

Serves: 3

Prep: 10 mins

Cook: 15 mins

Nutrition per serving:

372 kcal 11g Fats

52g Carbs 18g Protein

  • Gluten Free

  • Dairy Free

  • Quick Meal (under 30 mins)


  • 7 oz. (200g) basmati rice

  • 2 tbsp. coconut oil

  • 1 tbsp. crushed garlic

  • 2 tbsp. grated ginger

  • 7 oz. (200g) prawns

  • 1 tsp. cumin

  • 1 tsp. chili flakes

  • pinch cinnamon

  • handful coriander

  • handful mint


  1. Cook the rice following the instructions on the packaging, taking care not to overcook it

  2. Strain and put on a large plate or tray, to cool (you can prepare earlier)

  3. In the meantime, heat the coconut oil in a large pan, gently fry the ginger and garlic

  4. Add the prawns and season with cumin, cinnamon, chili flakes, and freshly ground pepper

  5. Briefly fry, for about 2 minutes, string every now and season with salt, to taste

  6. Remove the shrimp from the pan, but add in the rice and fry for 3 to 4 minutes until it heats up and starts to brown

  7. Add the prawns and mix well

  8. Divide onto the plates and garnish with mint and coriander, to serve

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